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IT Project Management based on an expert level of professionalism, leader principles, team oriented approaches. Competent using of effective methodologies (scrum, kanban, waterfall), correct time-management, business requirements work organization, planning, operational control, relevance principles, sufficiency for Result. The Result can be reached by using the correspondent level of approaches in the correct management structure with accurate distribution of roles and responsibilities. I would like to rule this structure and reach great team results! Details by this link http://www.vistalker.com.

Technical background: ASP.Net MVC, C# WinApp, ASP.Net Web Forms, Web services (asmx), Windows services, Web API, Entity Framework, JQuery, Ajax, LINQ, Windows Azure (including cloud services), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Limelight. Databases: T-SQL (MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySql, etc.), Raven DB. Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall. Approach: SDLC. Details by this link http://www.vistalker.com.

  • Over 18+ years of experience in software development (170 months involved in projects).
  • Project management experience (28 months on official positions by labour code in three companies, 82 months on roles in team-leading and delivery responsibility).
  • Totally more than 6 years in managing teams and processes.
  • Skills of building, managing and motivating effectively software development teams.
  • Deep understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC preferred).
  • Strong knowledge of warehouse business processes.
  • Business analysis skills.
  • Expert in Database development.
  • Good knowledge of OOP principles.
  • Had maximum 6 people in submission.
  • Detail resumes

  • in english, doc (108 Kb): direct reference